Royal Family Bowl is excited to announce our upcoming Best of the Best Doubles Tournament! Tournament will take place on the second Sunday of every month at 11:00AM. Please see tournament details and rules below. To sign up today, click the link below! Registration forms must be returned to Royal Family Bowling Center with payment of either cash or check. For any questions, call us at 540-636-3113

Tournament details:

  • Bowl 4 Games Across 4 Different Lanes
  • Top 5 Scores will do step-ladder format
  • Check-in time 10:00AM. Bowl at 11:00AM
  • Individual handicap 90% of 230
  • Payout will be based on number of entries
  • Tournament Fee per Team Advanced Registration: $50
  • Tournament Fee per Team Day of Registration: $60

Tournament Rules:

  • Individual Handicap will be 905 of 230.
  • Entering average will be the bowlers highest 2015-2016 book average. If you have a 21 game average for 2017, you can use that average. It will be the bowler’s responsibility to provide verification. If no book average or league average, bowlers will have to enter with a 230 average.
  • Prize Break Down Per Team: $20.00 for Lineage, $30.00 for Prize Money
  • Top 5 Scores will be paid out, payout will be based on how many entries. All prize money will be given back 100% at the end of the step-ladder format.